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Oral Health Care

Non-urgent care

Oral Health Care provides non-urgent care to everyone. The purpose of the treatment is to maintain or restore the functionality of the bite organ. A large proportion of oral diseases are latent, so regular care with check-ups is important to avoid heavy corrective treatments. 

Oral Health Care's non-urgent services include: 

  • advancing and monitoring oral health 
  • health counselling and health check-ups  
  • examination, prevention and treatment of oral diseases 
  • early identification of the patient's need for special support and examinations, and treatment thereof 
  • referral to further examinations and treatment, if necessary
  • statutory oral health services for maternity and child health clinic, school and student health care

In Oral Health Care, services are provided at the clinics of dental nurse-dentist pairs, oral hygienists and dental nurses. There are also mobile dental care units where, for example, oral check-ups and examinations can be conducted. In mobile units, the selection of services is less extensive than in fixed dental clinics. 

In the Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland, it is also possible to get oral health care services with a service voucher. They are granted, for example, for chipped teeth and for further treatment at the emergency department. Clients who have received a service voucher can choose the place of treatment and the treating dentist from options approved by Oral Health Care. The client pays the difference between the fee charged by a private dentist and the value of the procedure determined in the service voucher, i.e. the excess. The client has the right to refuse the offered service voucher, in which case they will be directed to the wellbeing services county's own services.

Urgent care and emergency department 

Oral Health Care's urgent treatment is provided during office hours at dental clinics and outside office hours as a centralised service at Kyllö dental clinic (in the evenings from 4pm to 9pm and on weekends and on public holidays from 8am to 9pm). At night (9pm to 8am), oral health emergency services are centralised in the collaborative area (ERVA) and implemented at Kuopio University Hospital. Outside office hours and at night, please contact the on-call helpline, tel. 116 117 if you need urgent treatment.

Urgent treatment is needed, for example, in the following situations: 

  • acute, severe pain in the mouth area that painkillers no longer alleviate 
  • bleeding in the mouth that you cannot stop on your own 
  • significant swelling on the facial area accompanied by high fever or difficulties breathing or swallowing 
  • losing a tooth accidentally 
  • fresh dental injury accompanied by difficulties breathing, swallowing, eating or opening your mouth 

Situations that do not require urgent treatment: 

  • mild pain in the mouth that can be alleviated by painkillers 
  • teeth's sensitivity to hot or cold 
  • chipped teeth or fillings 
  • problems with prostheses or removable orthodontic appliances 

For whom

For all residents of Central Finland

Do the following

Seek the services of Oral Health Care through the service number. You will be assessed for the required treatment, counselling will be provided and, if necessary, an appointment will be booked with a dentist, an oral hygienist or a dental nurse. If necessary, your own dental clinic will refer you to specialised care. Brush your teeth before your appointment begins.

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