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Labour and delivery

The labour and delivery reception in Hospital Nova is open 24/7. The labour and delivery reception is at Hoitajantie 3, 3rd floor of Nova, access through entrance Nova 2.

Situations that require you to immediately contact or come to the hospital

Are you unsure when to go to the hospital? See the descriptions below of the situations in which you should leave for the hospital. You can also always call the on-call midwife of the labour and delivery reception tel. 014 269 1204.

If the water breaks or painful and frequent contractions begin, come to the hospital immediately in case

  • amniotic fluid is green or bloody
  • your pregnancy has lasted less than 37 weeks
  • your baby is in breech position
  • you are expecting twins

If you are experiencing abnormal discharge or pain, come to the hospital immediately in case

  • you have constant pain or clear bleeding (note: bloody mucous discharge is normal if your pregnancy is full-term), the constant pain is severe and/or the bleeding is heavy come by ambulance,
    the pain is severe and you have a strong urge to push
    come by ambulance

If you have any other sudden symptoms, contact the hospital in case

  • you think the baby is not moving normally in the womb
  • you have, for instance, severe headache, visual disturbances or upper abdominal pain
  • you have strong itching in the palms of your hands, soles of your feet or on the stomach

Guidebook for new parents

Labour and delivery information for my healthcare provider

Contact information

  • Labour and Delivery Ward, Hospital Nova 3rd floor, entrance Nova 2
  • Hoitajantie 3, Jyväskylä. Open the location on Google maps.
  • On-call midwife tel. 014 269 1204