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Fimlab Laboratories Oy provides laboratory services in the Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland. There are several Fimlab sample collection sites in Central Finland and they operate by appointment. Emergency samples are taken without an appointment.

For whom

For all residents of Central Finland.

Do the following

Fimlab's sample collection laboratories are visited by appointment.

Book your appointment online or by phone 010 808 515 (weekdays Mon-Fri, at 7am – 6pm). Cancel your appointment either electronically using the booking key you received in the confirmation message or by calling the booking number 010 808 515 (weekdays Mon-Fri, at 7am – 6pm).

You can handle your affairs with a queue number in the following cases: your healthcare institution has asked you to conduct tests at an emergency department (blood tests and/or electrocardiogram, i.e. ECGs), to get supplies for home sampling, or to return samples collected at home.

Handling affairs in Nopsa

Fimlab's Nopsa express service serves without booking an appointment, registration, and queue number. Nopsa suits you if

  • you are coming to give a blood sample and you have a referral for blood tests made by public health care services
  • you have an identity card with you (e.g. Kela card or driver's license)
  • you are an adult or an adolescent

In Central Finland, the Nopsa express service points serve both at Hospital Nova and at the Jyväskylä City Centre Laboratory on Telefoonikuja.

In the northern area of Central Finland, in Pihtipudas, Viitasaari, Kinnula, Karstula and Saarijärvi, appointments for laboratory tests are made through Fimlab's booking system, Vihta.

You are directed to Fimlab's booking system, Vihta, through Fimlab's website or directly on fimlab.vihta.com. The Vihta booking website provides you with detailed instructions on how to make an appointment.