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Social services supporting integration

Social services supporting integration are intended for immigrants who need a lot of support in the initial stages of their integration. Their residence permit is related to refugee status. Of those who have been granted temporary protection, our clients are the ones that have been granted a municipal placement through an ELY Centre. 

At first, it is assessed what services the immigrated person needs for integration. If necessary, they will receive support from social work, social counselling and possibly also from the mental support team as long as the support is needed, usually for a maximum of three years. Some immigrants learn the language, get a job and integrate quickly. Some need longer support in recovering from their difficult experiences and learning to become a member of the Finnish society.

If necessary, the client has the right to interpretation when interacting with the authorities.

Social services supporting integration in the Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland are based on the Social Welfare Act. There are regular assessments together with the client on whether they still need services in accordance with the Social Welfare Act. 

Client groups

Clients of the social services supporting integration have come to Finland as quota refugees or as asylum seekers. There is a youth team operating within the service, whose employees work with young people who have arrived in Finland as underage asylum seekers without a guardian and have been issued a residence permit. A client of after-care, as stipulated in the Integration Act, can be supported until they reach the age of 25 or become a Finnish citizen. The care and upbringing of underage adolescents takes place, for example, in a family group home.

Social workers also meet with victims of human trafficking who have their municipality of residence in Finland. A social worker will assess the client's need for services and arrange for them the necessary social services in cooperation with other authorities. The client is always referred to the assistance system for victims of human trafficking.

We offer undocumented clients the necessary social services and psychosocial support. Guidance and counselling, financial support and emergency accommodation are essential social services. Meetings will be arranged with the client as needed. The purpose of the meetings is to help find a sustainable solution to the client's situation. An interpreter will be booked when it is deemed necessary.

For whom

Persons who have been issued a residence permit in connection with a refugee status and who need support stipulated in the Social Welfare Act, as well as undocumented individuals and victims of human trafficking who have their municipality of residence in Finland. Persons with a temporary residence permit are our clients if they also have a municipal placement granted by an ELY Centre.

Do the following

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